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Pat on Back: Here’s Why We’re One of the Best in the Proxy Business

By January 2, 2020Proxy Servers
Proxy Business

Saying that you’re one of the best in any business is a bold statement and can come off as cocky, but the recognition in our case comes at the tail end of a ton of hard work and a promise to keep up with trends, wants and needs. We’ve been relentlessly researching the history and evolution of proxy usage and now have a great grasp on the industry as a whole.

Unfortunately, all of the time and effort we’ve put in on our end is invisible to potential customers. Our sales reps are commonly asked why our proxies are so expensive compared to those offered by other providers. It’s understandable—everyone likes to find a good deal and wants to feel like the money they spend is well worth it. That’s why we’ve established a thorough explanation for our pricing structure, including how we came up with it in the first place

In order to understand the most important features to look for when choosing a proxy server, we’ll list out our biggest features and compare our proxies to those offered by the cheaper providers. At the end of this guide, you’ll see how important it is to choose quality over the bargains and false promises.

Read on to learn more.

At IPV4 Depot, we offer unlimited IP rotations out of massive IPs pools with dedicated regional datacenters that eliminate this hassle. Find the sneaker proxies you need today!

All Our Proxies Are U.S. Based

The USA is a Tier 1 country, which means IP addresses from here scores high in both quality and reputation. You’ll fly under the radar with trustworthy IP addresses and can conduct your activities in peace.

Other providers’ proxies are typically located in Tier 2 or even Tier 3 countries, which can raise red flags from detection software while you’re using the proxies.

Access to Multiple 4G LTE Locations in US

Not only do we ensure USA-based IP addresses, but we also give you access to several 4G LTE locations throughout the country for a larger pool of IP ranges and more subnets. This pool also gives you fresher IPs than what competitors can offer, as other providers are limited to one location with limited IP ranges and subnets.

Why does this matter? With only one location and a smaller quantity of IP addresses, the IPs get cycled through very quickly and will probably get blocked by websites for heavy use. The whole reason you’re using a proxy server is to access websites, but if your recycled IP address is flagged and then blocked, you’re essentially paying a provider to go right back to square one.

IPV4 Depot combats this by letting you instantly change locations whenever you need to and by adding new locations monthly to keep the pool fresh.

Our Proxies Are Lightning Fast

Put simply, our proxy servers are just plain faster. Our range is 30-60mbps on every proxy, but speed is typically around the 50mbps mark. If you think about the multiple locations we just discussed, this makes perfect sense.

Users don’t have to fight for a slice of the bandwidth pie because they’re all connecting through the same cell tower. Instead, everyone is spread out for faster proxy speeds, which means faster bot and automation speeds and more money in your pocket! Compare this to the other providers who offer speeds as low as 1mbps. Time is money, and we want to make sure you have both.

You Can Keep Your IP Address

Other providers have an automatic IP address rotation schedule that gives you a new IP every 5-20 minutes. Not only are auto-rotating IPs dangerous and illegal, but they can also be highly detrimental to your online accounts.

Social media marketing efforts, for example, have been completely wiped because the sites kill any suspicious accounts like those that are accessed from a different IP every few minutes.

IPV4 Depot knows this and lets you choose how short or long of a time you keep your IP address. You can make unlimited changes to your address and location, and it’s all instant!

We Have Versatility

Whether you prefer a web portal, a browser plugin (Google Chrome or Firefox) or a full-feature API, we’ve got you covered. The competition definitely doesn’t offer these features!

Setup is Quick

The average setup time for our customers is 10 minutes, no matter the size of your order, and there are no backlogs. Other providers quote one to three business days, but IPV4 Depot will get you up and running in no time!

We Get an A+ in Success!

Our bulk account creator specialists use our proxies for Instagram, and they report a 90% and above success rate. For those who aren’t using proxy servers to create several accounts, it might sound concerning that the success rate isn’t closer to 100%. However, Instagram watches its accounts like a hawk, and having nine out of ten accounts stay alive is extremely impressive.

Those seven features are the keys to success for anyone using proxies to access Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, Yahoo or any other top site.

We’re here to provide the highest quality USA 4G LTE IP addresses and the highest success rates on the market. If you’ve been in this industry for long, you know what you’re risking by compromising quality. It’s not worth the few bucks you save per month.

Give us a shot! We offer a one-hour trials as well as day/week/month plans… so whatever suits your needs we have a plan that will fit!

Contact us over live chat and let’s discuss how we can help you grow today.

At IPV4 Depot, we offer unlimited IP rotations out of massive IPs pools with dedicated regional datacenters that eliminate this hassle. Find the sneaker proxies you need today!