IPv4 Depot is a “Registered Transfer Facilitator” with ARIN. Formally known as STLS, standing for “Specified Transfer Listing Service

IP Transfer Process


  • ARIN Verification: Both the Buyer and Seller must be verified.
    • The Buyer secures ARIN pre-approval for the block based on justified need for 24 months.
    • The Seller ensures ARIN recognizes it as the authorized registrant of the IPv4 block.
  • NDA: In some cases a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs) are signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties’ confidential matters.
  • Block Examination: The buyer will examine the Seller’s IPv4 block both technically and legally to ensure it meets their approval and is not on any black lists. IPv4 Depot provides expertise to assist with all aspects.
  • Asset Purchase Agreement: The agreement defines the contractual terms and conditions between the parties.
  • Payment Terms: The Buyer and Seller normally use an Escrow Account for North American transfers. The Buyer deposits the funds as laid out in the Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • Transfer: The Seller submits the ARIN Transfer Request, and as requested by ARIN, the supporting documents: an online affidavit and any other documentation requested by ARIN. . The Buyer submits an online Transfer Request and ARIN transfers the IPs from Seller to Buyer. Currently the ARIN transfer fee is $300.
  • Payment: Payment is released from escrow to the Seller.
  • Announcement: Once the transfer is complete, the IPs WhoIS info is updated to the buyer, and they are announced on the internet by the recipient buyer.