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Before you Sell an IPV4 Address… Make Sure You Know This Key Information!

By February 9, 2021IPv4
IPV4 Address

Despite what you may have heard about IPV6, there are still ample amounts of unallocated or previously allocated IPv4s that are still available for purchase and for sale. With countless options to sell an IPv4 address these days, you’ll want to make sure that you know what you’re doing, who you’re doing business with and what they’re reputation is like to ensure a smooth and legal transaction. Here’s what you need to know along the way.

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Why are so many companies out there with an IPv4 address for sale?

Because millions of them still exist that are either previously used or have not been used and or are ready to be reallocated. Some companies still hold hundreds upon thousands of these Ips and never had any use for them. Other companies may have gone out of business and the Ips are considered a liquidated asset. Yet in other cases, there are companies that specifically specialize in the selling and acquisition of different Ips.

In reality, it’s an endless situation where no matter what some might say, IPv6 is just the preparation for an eventuality that one day, far into the future, there will be a need for more. Until that day comes, though, here are some vital things you’ll want to know before you sell an iPv4 or buy one.

As the world slowly transitions to IPv6, there’s no cause for alarm. A significant quantity of unused, previously allocated IPv4 numbers are readily available for re-distribution to IP network operators that need them. And an active private market for IPv4 addresses has emerged to allow companies with these excess IPv4 numbers to sell them to those in need.

According to the by IANA (a department of ICANN), there are still millions of IPv4 address out there. Originally, way back in the day, these were allocated to five RIRs for distribution and regulation. But much has changed since that time, and some of the RIRs are moving forward, creating a middle market for IPv4 that has never been seen before.

Contrary to popular misbelief that dark web holders have lots of IPv4s, you really don’t need to spend time conducting dark web scans before you do business with an entity that offers to sell IPv4 addresses. That’s because most nefarious businesses are using IPv6 for anything dark web related activities these days, and by comparison to other allotments, rarely are IPv4s a concern. What’s more, any legitimate company that sells an IPv4 is going to offer you the due diligence as part of the sale as well as a secure escrow that you can use to facilitate the sale.

As some entities move to IPv6, it means that you can easily find the ipv4 address for sale that’s right for your business’ needs, and there’s not much difference; none that is really noticeable at least. In fact, a method called “dual stacking” is used by some entities so they can keep the IPv4s and use router switching as need be. In most cases, this is just a precursor to what will happen “someday” when the population grows to even need more allotments. Until that time, IPv4 is still the gold standard, and buying and selling them is commonplace. Still, you’ll want to be smart about how you do it.

The Smart Way: IP4 Addresses for Sale on the Private Market

As one of the biggest providers of IPv4 addresses for sale, IPv4 Depot is your partner in North America for buying the addresses you need without having to worry about availability, free-pool depletion or misallocation. We’ve invested substantial resources into acquiring, renumbering IPv4 blocks and creating amazing, high-value inventories and pools, all so that our customers can buy an IPv4 address from us in confidence.

The one thing that you want to keep in mind when looking for a provider is that there are not really any established rules of conduct for this industry (so to speak). So here are a few thing that you should really look for if you’re going to buy an IPv4 address from us or someone else:

  • Exclusive rights – unless you are planning to lease the Ips.
  • Understanding how the ARIN’s policy position is in regard to Ips.
  • Knowing what your RIR region is and ensuring you have proper registry.
  • Understanding why ARIN registration approval can help you protect your investment.
  • Knowing that any seller has the “authority” to sell an IPv4 address to you.
  • Understanding how the IPv4 blocks are registered by ARIN and how ownership is assessed.
  • Maintaining compliance before, during and after the transaction.

How IPv4 Depot Can Help

We are one of the oldest and most trusted facilitators of IPv4 addresses, blocks, leases, transfers and sales. We streamline the solution for you or your customers and handle the legwork in between. No matter if you need to lease, buy or sell an Ipv4 address, we’re here to help. Even if you are having difficulty with blocks of Ips that you need for your network, no other company in the business has more experience, more access to blocks and more leasing options than we do.

In many instances, we can get the LOA in your hands for most Ips you’d want in under 2 days. We also ensure that transfer is legitimate, timely and easy. Thanks to our connections with sellers of Ips, we’re able to ensure that no matter what your needs may be, we have a solution to your problem that won’t cause future headaches.

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